Welcome to The Shallow Reef Studio! We are a Hawaii based brand inspired by wave sliding and simple island living. We are dedicated to creating original, hand printed tees to accompany you on all your adventures.

Our tees are designed, dyed, and printed by hand on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

No tee leaves the studio without the extra love and care of a handmade item. It’s one of the things we love about being a small business: our products stay true to our values and reflect our simple island lifestyle.

Less is More

We focus on keeping things simple because we believe less is more, in design and in life. The Shallow Reef Studio is for the people who need nature, the ocean, and not much else to have a good time. The world is a playground and adventure is out there!

One important part about living an active lifestyle is being aware of the environment we play in. Mother nature needs our help in maintaining a low environmental impact as a business.

What's the point if we're not being Earth-friendly?

That’s why we use only non-toxic, water based inks (as opposed to standard plastisol inks) as well as natural indigo dye. We limit our water and plastic use and even expose our screens using sunlight! Our tees are sourced from a certified Green Business.


I’m Moona Whyte and I’m the founder of The Shallow Reef Studio. Being a kitesurfer, surfer, and lover of the outdoors, I wanted the brand to not only celebrate the great ocean playground we enjoy in Hawaii, but also take a step towards protecting it. It’s the least we can do donating 1% of our sales through 1% for the Planet to aid in ocean conservation.